Myynnin kaverikirja, osa 10: Jessie Rödfors

April 30, 2024

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Myynnin kaverikirja, osa 10:

Vastaajana Jessie Rödfors / Former Head of GPU Benchmarks Sales at Basemark, Entrepreneur and Author

1. How did you end up in sales? 

Ever since I was a child with four larger-than-life dreams, becoming a top-notch salesperson was always on the list. I didn't just wait for it to happen; I actively honed various skills and aspects of my personality to be ready when I take my first sales role. And when that moment finally arrived, the one where I knew I was fully prepared, I took the plunge without a second thought. Luckily right before jumping in I spent a substantial amount of time in reading key sales books and learning from my then-mentor and now friend Teemu Ilola and other sales persons who gave me a direct and realistic overview on what it's like to actually be a sales person and how to be well-prepared. That has helped me significantly. 

2. What's your biggest learning as a sales professional? 

That if you can master selling a $5 pen, chances are you can sell pens worth a million bucks too. Knowing the right sales techniques inside and out can give you an edge, no matter what you're selling. 

3. What's been the biggest turning point of your career?

Landing my first Fortune 500 client was a rush—pure excitement for a minute. But right after, my mind shifted: "How can I do this again, but bigger?" 

4. Which sales myth would you break if you could? 

That sales is just a numbers game. It is actually way more layered than that. Sure, numbers matter, but so does how you present yourself, the quality of your network, and even how you interact with clients and colleagues. Each aspect—from dealing with objections to understanding your product deeply—impacts your success.

Always ask, "What else can I do to seal this deal and the ones to come?". Maybe it's time to learn something new you didn't know before about your customer or product or the market, shape your offering in a different way, refresh your LinkedIn, polish your presentation, or dive deeper into understanding your product or client. You have to identify as many small actions and details that you can apply to create a compounding effect that'll help your selling efforts. 

5. What do you still need to learn or become better at? 

Closing multi-million dollar deals. 

6. What's your favorite sales book or podcast? 

Secrets of Closing the Sale by Zig Ziglar and Never Split the difference by Chris Voss.

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